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New Movie Parody Going Into Stores Right Now

The latest of my movie parodies is presently going into both of the US stores. You may remember that I’ve been doing a series of movie parodies with squirrels as the main characters, and often the villains! I began this series several years ago, and have quite a few similar ideas running around in my head, though I don’t get much creative time nowadays. For every hour I put into creating a new image, it takes me two hours to upload them to products in the stores. The latest image took me quite some time to put together and I’ve spent a week uploading it to one store alone!
Here’s the link to the latest image in my Zazzle store: LINK
Following is an example of the latest image on a cushion which parodies the classic movie “The Silence of the Lambs,” with our intrepid squirrel as FBI trainee Clarice Stirling. The image is based on the original movie poster, although it wasn’t possible to get it exactly the same, I think it’s reasonably close. Here’s the link to purchase the cushion if you wish (LINK):

Silence of the Squirrels cushion


I’ve also been adding in lots of new art deco images in various colours as these seem quite popular. As mentioned, adding them to the stores, takes a huge amount of time … time I’d rather put into creating, but hey, at least I get to share my creations.
I’ll be adding the images into my CafePress store when I find the time. Thanks for dropping by.
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