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Monthly Archive: July 2013

Latest Image – Now in Online Shops

While my earlier images were very retro, such as the ones from the Art Deco era, for the past few months I have been focussing on quirky designs. More specifically recently, I have undertaken a series of images in the horror movie poster theme with squirrels as the main focus. I thought it would be quite funny to have squirrels as the villains because they are among the cutest and sweetest little creatures around.

Here is the latest image which is a parody of the classic horror movie and musical “Phantom of the Opera” – it’s now available in the online shops:

The Opera Phantom SquirrelOn a similar theme, I created the following image as a parody of the iconic movie “Silence of the Lambs.” I’m not 100% happy with it at this stage, though it looks similar to the original movie poster. I may come back to this one at a later time and see what more I can do with it.

The Squirrels are Silent

One of the most time-consuming chores associated with owning online shops is the actual addition of the items in the shops themselves. It often works out that I spend around 2-3 days uploading and updating everything into the stores. Unfortunately that leaves me just 2 days or so to research, find uncopyrighted images if I need them, and then create the new image. That of course doesn’t include the time I spend developing the ideas in the first place.

Over the coming weeks/months I will continue to share earlier images that I’ve created including the remaining squirrel horror parodies.

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Earlier Images Continued

Following are more images that I created from photos dating from the early 20th century. These were cut out, coloured and merged with other images. All of the images that I use have been released into the public domain, or their copyright has expired are are my own photos.

Eskimo Scene SMJazzin the Blues.After working with these older photos, I began an exploration of fantasy images before beginning my foray into quirky territory.

Unicorn Magic.
The following image was created using the young woman’s photo from the early 1920s, and merging with more recent images to create this gorgeous piece “A Girl and Her Unicorn.” I even asked a friend of mine to be the hand model for it.

Girl and her Unicorn. And this is the only dragon image that I have ever created. It was quite a challenge, especially endeavouring to create realistic looking scale colours and patterns, and in the end I settled on something simple.

Dragon's CaveSM4

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Earlier Images

When I first started creating graphic designs I focussed a lot on old photos and found some amazing images that I just couldn’t resist working on. Many of these dated from the early 1900s through to 1940s, with a special focus on the art deco era.

AD woman in fur coat

Many of these photos required intensive work, especially when they’d been damaged or had lost some quality. My initial task is to cut the person out of the original photo before I began working on repairing and recolouring it. Once I am satisfied with the work, I then have to create various levels of colour which is quite painstaking. After that, I either create or find an appropriate background to add in.

Some, like the following two images, required hours of painstaking fine work, selecting individual pearls or coins and colouring them individually. But the hard work was worth it in the end, don’t you think?

Shirt Art Deco DancerSM

The thing that drew me to the following image was not so much the beauty of this young woman, but her trapped expression, bordering on despair, as she prepares for her wedding. Dating back to around 1923, I image this Tunisian bride had very little, if any choice in her bridegroom.

Tunisian Bride.


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PS (You may be wondering where the name “Miss Terry Woman” came from. It was a username I thought up many years ago, based on the term “Mystery Woman” and one I thought was an appropriate term for a graphic artist whose imaginings can sometimes be quite mysterious, and often very quirky.)