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Being Creatively Different

While I love creating graphic designs, I also love writing and since I moved town late last year, I’ve been focussing on writing a book. It’s not the first one I’ve written, but will hopefully be the first one that I publish.

This is the first in a series of three fiction books, with the first book set in 1904 in Sussex, United Kingdom. I’m endeavouring to keep the information as historically accurate as possible. That in itself is extremely challenging because oftentimes the specific information I am chasing is simply not available, even when I go directly to the source. This is sometimes because their historical records simply don’t go back that far.

With the writing , and the follow-up months of editing completed, it’s now been passed onto an Editor for the final version before I put it online as an e-book.

Writing is such a personal thing, and anyone else who writes knows how vulnerable to criticism we can be. I’m fine with feedback about how a story can be improved, or editing in general, but it’s scary to put it out there for people to read who may or may not like it.

Sea that tastes like Green book Cover2 FrontSM

There are several interesting twists and turns coming up in books two and three and I’m keen to get into writing again. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the tedious, research stage of book two at the moment and finding it difficult once again, to obtain specific information that I need to get a good start on it.

Meantime though, that means the graphic designs are on hold … but I will get back to them some time soon hopefully.




NB: the title “Sea that Tastes Like Green” is copyrighted.