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15% off EVERYTHING in my Spreadshirt store – for a limited time only

There’s 15% off EVERYTHING in my SpreadShirt store for a limited time only. So dive right in!!!

The sale is between 18 and 23 July 2017. At checkout use the code: 15OFF717.

Here’s the link to my store: www.shop.spreadshirt.net/757631/

Note that this offer may not be available in all countries so ensure it works for you before proceeding through checkout.

Please note that this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts, or for the purchase of gift certificates.

CafePress store up-to-date & now updating my Spreadshirt store

As I have mentioned previously, while creating interesting graphic designs can be fun, adding them onto the products in my stores is extremely time consuming and definitely not so much fun! For every hour that I put into creating a new graphic design, it takes at around four hours of work to add them to the stores.

I have now begun adding some of my patterned designs to my SpreadShirt store. It includes metal, liquid and kaleidoscope patterns in animal shapes. This will take some months to complete, as I slowly work my way through the many designs that I created a number of months ago. Here’s the link to my SpreadShirt store.

So how many of these new patterned designs are going into the stores? More then 200 new designs! …so you can see why it’s taking such a long time.

CafePress March 2016 designs being uploaded

I have finally added all of my patterned designs to my CafePress store. It took a few months, but I’ve added a few thousand more products from which you can choose.

Here’s the link to the store – I hope you can drop by.