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Mountain Angel

Sometimes the ideas and inspiration for new images can be difficult to find. Some weeks I get heaps of ideas, although they are not necessarily all translatable into the digital world, while at other times it’s like trying to get blood out of a stone. One of my greatest resources for inspiration lies in old paintings, and this week’s image is just that: 2 old paintings combined into one.

I obtained an uncopyrighted photo of an old painting of an angel. The painting itself must be very dirty because there were a significant number of scuffs and dirt-marks on it. In addition, the top third of the angel’s wings weren’t there. So I put in quite a few hours cleaning up the dirtiness of the image and adding in the tops of the angel’s wings. I also changed the eyes and the lips as I thought the young girl in the original image looked rather unhappy, even a little grumpy!

Then the second biggest challenge was trying to find a suitable image for a background. Searching through page after page of paintings of scenery, I eventually found a mountain top image I thought would suit. It too was dirty and even damaged and I tried very hard to repair it digitally.

The final result was the following image which I have now uploaded to all the stores:

Angel & Snow SM

Zazzle store (USA): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/mountain%20angel
afePress store (USA): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_mountain-angel?design=81330557
Spreadshirt (Europe/UK): http://757631.spreadshirt.net/mountain-I15761009
Aussie Custom Gifts (Australia) – women’s shirts: http://www.aussiecustomgifts.com/missterrywoman/clothing_s05/women-clothing_s0501?start=1440

There are a variety of items in the different stores and here are a few samples:

Zazzle has an iPhone speaker:
Zazzle Mountain angel iphone speaker(http://www.zazzle.com.au/mountain_angel_iphone_speaker-166975010818380801)

There’s a Mountain Angel notebook at Zazzle as well:
Zazzle Mount angel notebookhttp://www.zazzle.com.au/mountain_angel_spiral_notebooks-130004813497550189

This lovely cushion is available from CafePress:
CafePress Mountain Angel Cushionhttp://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2.931593355

And here’s the image in a wallclock from CafePress:
CafePress Mountain Angel Clock

There are phone covers at Spreadshirt including this Galaxy S3 cover:
Spreadshirt Mountain Angel Galaxy S3

And not only are there clothes for grown-ups, there are baby items too:
Spreadshirt Mountain Angel Baby Shirt

And the Australian store, Aussie Custom Gifts has items such as this shopping bag:
ACG Mountain Angel Bag

And this lovely maternity shirt is also available at Aussie Custom Gifts:
ACG Mountain Angel Shirt

I’ll be looking for some more inspiration for my next image, and sharing them with you later. Catch you then!

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