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What’s been happening?

In my last entry, I mentioned that I’d been busy writing a book since I moved house last year. It’s now September (2014) and I have the first book with an editor, and I’ve also written the second in the series of three. It’s still only in its infancy at this point and I’ll spend probably a couple of months editing it. I’ve already determined to radically change the relationships between one of the main characters and the remainder, which means there’ll be a lot of re-writing.

But before I tackle that, I decided to have a little rest, and take the opportunity to get back into my graphic designs once more. Hopefully  I’ll be able to upload some of the new designs to the shops over the coming weeks. One of the things I’ve been focussing on is old posters, many of which were damaged and some needed major repairs/editing. Following are some of those (all over 50 years old) which should be going into the various shops when possible:


I love this particular image. It was recreated from an old advertising poster for corsets, probably dating to the late 1800s or very early 1900s. After repairs, I removed all traces of the original advertisement so the focus is on the image alone.

CharlieChaplinPoster AJitneyElopmentSM

Above is a poster from a classic movie – it was quite badly damaged, and although it’s not perfect now, I think it’s come up quite well.


This old comic cover also needed some repairs due to damage and deterioration over the years. As a child, I can recall seeing comics like these, but we were never allowed to read them. That was probably a good thing too, because with my overactive imagination, I’d probably have had nightmares for years.

RudolphValentino Son of the Sheik PosterSM

Another poster from a classic movie – probably from the 1920s. Rudolph Valentino was a huge star at the time, and had thousands of women swooning at his sensual roles.

WolfMotorcycles1932 Poster SM

Here’s a wonderful early poster advertising Wolf Motor-cycles. While I certainly don’t condone using scantily-clad women to promote products to men, it’s clear that the concept has been around for a long time.

I have lots more that I’ve been working on and will share some more with you soon.

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Being Creatively Different

While I love creating graphic designs, I also love writing and since I moved town late last year, I’ve been focussing on writing a book. It’s not the first one I’ve written, but will hopefully be the first one that I publish.

This is the first in a series of three fiction books, with the first book set in 1904 in Sussex, United Kingdom. I’m endeavouring to keep the information as historically accurate as possible. That in itself is extremely challenging because oftentimes the specific information I am chasing is simply not available, even when I go directly to the source. This is sometimes because their historical records simply don’t go back that far.

With the writing , and the follow-up months of editing completed, it’s now been passed onto an Editor for the final version before I put it online as an e-book.

Writing is such a personal thing, and anyone else who writes knows how vulnerable to criticism we can be. I’m fine with feedback about how a story can be improved, or editing in general, but it’s scary to put it out there for people to read who may or may not like it.

Sea that tastes like Green book Cover2 FrontSM

There are several interesting twists and turns coming up in books two and three and I’m keen to get into writing again. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the tedious, research stage of book two at the moment and finding it difficult once again, to obtain specific information that I need to get a good start on it.

Meantime though, that means the graphic designs are on hold … but I will get back to them some time soon hopefully.


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NB: the title “Sea that Tastes Like Green” is copyrighted.

Busy Time has Kept Me Away

First off, let me apologise for not posting anything recently – I have been extremely busy with selling my home and buying a new one. That means I will continue being very busy for a few more weeks yet, so I may not get back to post much during the next 6 weeks or so.

I LOVE to create quirky and unusual images, not just because they’re fun, but because I think it would be great to wear or have something unique and attention grabbing that makes you stand out from the crowd. Following are some of the images that I have created that I thought you might enjoy. These are available on a multitude of items in the various shops.

First is the cute frog in a tux. As you can see here, it’s available in a mousepad.

Mousepad, Gel Frog in Tux

Frog in a tux (gel mousepad)

I found an image of the fellow in the top-hat in a balloon – a genuine photo from the early 20th century that I repaired, edited and coloured. I wondered how I could make it quirkier still, and eventually came up with the following:

Balloonist, moon and fish etc SM

Balloon antics – if animals could fly

For some reason, I wanted to make a crazy piglet, and here he is:

Psychedelic Netbook

Psychedelic piglet

I began my quest into really quirky territory when I came across this little chipmunk photo and wondered how I could feature chipmunks and squirrels in quirky images.

Galaxy voyage SM

The next step was to put a squirrel into space.


Since I was already into a squirrel theme, I thought it might be funny to make a squirrel the monster or creature in an old-fashioned horror movie. 

Canvas Squirrel Mummy

Curse of the Squirrel Mummy

This naturally led into ideas of classic horror movies combined with the squirrel theme:

Quirky Netbook cover


Finally, a parody of the movie classed as one of the worst horror movies of all times, I went a little overboard with “Invasion of the Killer Tomato Squirrels”:

Killer tomato Squirrels SM

Invasion of the Killer Tomato Squirrels

I still have other squirrel ideas swirling around in my head, but I decided to take a break from squirrel horror movie themes for a while. I love it though, when I come across quirky old, black and white photos. Sometimes ideas dance around in my mind for months before I come up with a concept that I think will do it justice. Here for example is one such image that I am yet to colour and place into an appropriate scene:


They sure make cars small these days, don’t they?

That’s about all for the moment – my mind is unfortunately, very focussed on packing and moving house and all the myriad tasks I need to complete. So, my creative juices will have to be put on hold for a bit.

I look forward to catching up with you soon.

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Mountain Angel

Sometimes the ideas and inspiration for new images can be difficult to find. Some weeks I get heaps of ideas, although they are not necessarily all translatable into the digital world, while at other times it’s like trying to get blood out of a stone. One of my greatest resources for inspiration lies in old paintings, and this week’s image is just that: 2 old paintings combined into one.

I obtained an uncopyrighted photo of an old painting of an angel. The painting itself must be very dirty because there were a significant number of scuffs and dirt-marks on it. In addition, the top third of the angel’s wings weren’t there. So I put in quite a few hours cleaning up the dirtiness of the image and adding in the tops of the angel’s wings. I also changed the eyes and the lips as I thought the young girl in the original image looked rather unhappy, even a little grumpy!

Then the second biggest challenge was trying to find a suitable image for a background. Searching through page after page of paintings of scenery, I eventually found a mountain top image I thought would suit. It too was dirty and even damaged and I tried very hard to repair it digitally.

The final result was the following image which I have now uploaded to all the stores:

Angel & Snow SM

Zazzle store (USA): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/mountain%20angel
afePress store (USA): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_mountain-angel?design=81330557
Spreadshirt (Europe/UK): http://757631.spreadshirt.net/mountain-I15761009
Aussie Custom Gifts (Australia) – women’s shirts: http://www.aussiecustomgifts.com/missterrywoman/clothing_s05/women-clothing_s0501?start=1440

There are a variety of items in the different stores and here are a few samples:

Zazzle has an iPhone speaker:
Zazzle Mountain angel iphone speaker(http://www.zazzle.com.au/mountain_angel_iphone_speaker-166975010818380801)

There’s a Mountain Angel notebook at Zazzle as well:
Zazzle Mount angel notebookhttp://www.zazzle.com.au/mountain_angel_spiral_notebooks-130004813497550189

This lovely cushion is available from CafePress:
CafePress Mountain Angel Cushionhttp://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2.931593355

And here’s the image in a wallclock from CafePress:
CafePress Mountain Angel Clock

There are phone covers at Spreadshirt including this Galaxy S3 cover:
Spreadshirt Mountain Angel Galaxy S3

And not only are there clothes for grown-ups, there are baby items too:
Spreadshirt Mountain Angel Baby Shirt

And the Australian store, Aussie Custom Gifts has items such as this shopping bag:
ACG Mountain Angel Bag

And this lovely maternity shirt is also available at Aussie Custom Gifts:
ACG Mountain Angel Shirt

I’ll be looking for some more inspiration for my next image, and sharing them with you later. Catch you then!

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Some of the Latest Items

Up until this point in time, I have been focussing on my older images, but today thought I would share some of my latest ones with you.

I have been having a little fun with quilt (duvet) covers, blankets, pillowcases and towels. These are available in one of the USA shops and the Australian shop. You’ll find the links directly after each of the images.

Astronaut quilt & pillow

USA: Astronaut Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
        Astronaut Helmet pillowcase
        Astronaut Helmet rectangular canvas pillow
        Astronaut Beach Towel

Australia: Astronaut Mini Fleece Blanket
Astronaut Helmet throw pillowcase (square)
Astronaut hand-towel (full body & head)
Astronaut large doormat (full body & head)
Astronaut small doormat (full body & head)

How about an old-fashioned game of fisticuffs with this boxing quilt cover and pillowcase?
Boxer quilt & pillowcase

 USA: Boxing Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
Boxing pillowcase
Boxing rectangular canvas pillow
Boxing Beach Towel

Australia: Boxing Mini Fleece Blanket
Boxing Headgear Pillowcase (square)

If you’ve always loved a good western, how about this cowboy quilt/duvet cover and pillowcase?

Cowboy quilt & pillowcaseUSA: Cowboy Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
Cowboy Hat Pillowcase
Cowboy hat rectangular canvas cushion
Cowboy Beach Towel

Australia: Cowboy Mini Fleece Blanket
Cowboy Hat Cushion Case (square)

Perhaps you’re more into the groovy 60s – then check out this hippy quilt/duvet cover and hippy hair pillowcase:

Hippy quilt & pillowcaseUSA: Hippy Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
Hippy Hair Pillowcase
Hippy Hair Rectangular Canvas Pillow
Hippy Beach Towel

Australia: Hippy Mini Fleece Blanket
Hippy Hair Cushion Cover (square)

Or you might like to jump further back into the past with this Knight/King quilt cover and pillowcase:

Knight quilt & pillowcaseUSA: Knight/King Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
Knight/King Helmet Pillowcase
Knight/King Rectangular Canvas Pillow
Knight/King Beach Towel

Australia: Knight/King Mini Fleece Blanket
Knight/King Cushion Cover (square)
Knight/King Full Body & Head Mini Fleece Blanket

 Get into law enforcement with this Mounted Policeman quilt/duvet cover and pillowcase:Mountyquilt & pillowcase

 USA: Mounty Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
Mounty Hat Pillowcase
Mounty Hat Rectangular Canvas Pillow
Mounty Beach Towel

Australia: Mounty Mini Fleece Blanket
Mounty Cushion Case (square)

And here’s a bathing beauty from the past, on your very own quilt/duvet cover and pillowcase:

Swimmer quilt & pillowcase

 USA: Swimming Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
          Swimming Cap Pillowcase
          Swimming Cap Rectangular Canvas Pillow
          Swimming/Bather Beach Towel

Australia: Swimming/Bather Mini Fleece Blanket
Swimming Cap Cushion Case (square)

If you have any other ideas or suggestions for quilt/duvet covers, beach towels etc, I would love to hear from you.

Let’s catch up soon.

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Latest Image – Now in Online Shops

While my earlier images were very retro, such as the ones from the Art Deco era, for the past few months I have been focussing on quirky designs. More specifically recently, I have undertaken a series of images in the horror movie poster theme with squirrels as the main focus. I thought it would be quite funny to have squirrels as the villains because they are among the cutest and sweetest little creatures around.

Here is the latest image which is a parody of the classic horror movie and musical “Phantom of the Opera” – it’s now available in the online shops:

The Opera Phantom Squirrel

You can find products with this image on these links:
Australia: http://www.aussiecustomgifts.com/missterrywoman/?SectionCode=@phantom
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_phantom?design=80062932
UK/Europe: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/opera-phantom-squirrel-I15714677

On a similar theme, I created the following image as a parody of the iconic movie “Silence of the Lambs.” I’m not 100% happy with it at this stage, though it looks similar to the original movie poster. I may come back to this one at a later time and see what more I can do with it.

The Squirrels are Silent

One of the most time-consuming chores associated with owning online shops is the actual creation of the items in the shops themselves. It often works out that I spend around 2-3 days uploading and updating everything into the stores. Unfortunately that leaves me just 2 days or so to research, find uncopyrighted images if I need them, and then create the new image. That of course doesn’t include the time I spend developing the ideas in the first place.

Over the coming weeks/months I will continue to share earlier images that I’ve created including the remaining squirrel horror parodies.

Miss Terry Woman Signature2

Earlier Images Continued

Dutch Woman:
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_dutch-woman
Europe/UK: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/dutch-girl-I15623595

Following are more images that I created from photos dating from the early 20th century. These were cut out, coloured and merged with other images. All of the images that I use have been released into the public domain, or their copyright has expired are are my own photos.

Eskimo Scene SM

Eskimo Woman:
Australian store: http://www.aussiecustomgifts.com/missterrywoman/?SectionCode=@eskimo-scene
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_eskimo-scene
USA (Zazzle): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/eskimo%20scene

Jazzin the Blues.

Jazzin’ the Blues:
USA (Zazzle): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/jazzin
Europe/UK store: http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_jazzin

Pilot & biplanePilot and His BIplane:
Australian store: 
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_pilot-and-his-biplane
USA (Zazzle): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/pilot%20biplane
Europe/UK store: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/pilot-and-biplane-I15623624

After working with these older photos, I began an exploration of fantasy images before beginning my foray into quirky territory.

Unicorn Magic.Unicorn in the Forest:
Australian store: http://www.aussiecustomgifts.com/missterrywoman/?SectionCode=@unicorn-forest
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_unicorn-magic
USA (Zazzle): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/unicorn%20magic
Europe/UK store: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/unicorn-in-forest-I15623627

The following image was created using the young woman’s photo from the early 1920s, and merging with more recent images to create this gorgeous piece “A Girl and Her Unicorn.” I even asked a friend of mine to be the hand model for it.

Girl and her Unicorn.Unicorn in the Forest:
Australian store: 
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_girl-unicorn
Europe/UK store: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/girl-and-her-unicorn-I15623636

And this is the only dragon image that I have ever created. It was quite a challenge, especially endeavouring to create realistic looking scale colours and patterns, and in the end I settled on something simple.

Dragon's CaveSM4
Dragon’s Cave:
Australian store: http://www.aussiecustomgifts.com/missterrywoman/?SectionCode=@dragon-cave

USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_dragons-cave
USA (Zazzle)
Europe/UK store: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/dragon-s-cave-I15623674

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Earlier Images

When I first started creating graphic designs I focussed a lot on old photos and found some amazing images that I just couldn’t resist working on. Many of these dated from the early 1900s through to 1940s, with a special focus on the art deco era.

AD woman in fur coat
Art Deco Woman in Fur coat:
Australian store: 
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_art-deco-fur
USA (Zazzle): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/deco%20fur
Europe/UK: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/art-deco-woman7-in-colour-uwith-bg-I15623591

As I mentioned in my earlier entry, many of these photos required intensive work, especially when they’d been damaged or had lost their quality.

Art Deco DancersSM
Art Deco Dancers:
Australian store: 
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_art-deco-dancers
USA (Zazzle): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/deco%20dancers
Europe/UK: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/art-deco-dancers-I15623602

My initial task was to cut the person out of the original photo before I began working on repairing and recolouring it. Once I was satisfied with the work, I would then either create or find an appropriate background to add in.

AD Woman in red dress
Art Deco Woman in Red Dress:
Australian store:
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_art-deco-woman-red-dress
Europe/UK: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/adwomantemp-I15623593

Some, like the following two images, required hours of painstaking fine work, selecting individual pearls or coins and colouring them individually. But the hard work was worth it in the end, don’t you think?

Shirt Art Deco DancerSMArt Deco Dancer:
Australian store: 
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_art-deco-dancer
USA (Zazzle): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/deco+dancer+gifts?sr=250290819901138934&ch=missterrywoman
Europe/UK: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/art-deco-dancer-I15613124

The thing that drew me to the following image was not so much the beauty of this young woman, but her trapped expression, bordering on despair, as she prepares for her wedding. Dating back to around 1923, I image this Tunisian bride had very little, if any choice in her bridegroom.

Tunisian Bride.

Tunisian Bride:
Australian store: 
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_tunisian-bride
USA (Zazzle): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/tunisian%20bride
Europe/UK: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/tunisian-bride-I15623640

In my next blog entry, I’ll continue sharing more of my earlier works.

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Welcome to the new Miss Terry Woman webpage!

Thanks for dropping by. If you’re looking for original, creative designs on items from t-shirts to mugs, clocks to phone covers, then may I encourage you to hop across to an online store in your part of the world:

Shop Links: 
Australia: www.aussiecustomgifts.com/missterrywoman
Europe/UK: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/
USA:www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2 or http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman

Creating graphics is one of my passions and there are several places online where one can set up a shop where the manufacturer produces a variety of items using my designs.

I also create specialised graphic designs to your own specific requirements: just let me know what you would like and as long as the product is available in any of the shops, I can make it for you. (There are some limitations, ie I cannot use copyrighted images, icons, photos or images.)

AD Woman27 SM2Art Deco Woman in Purple Velvet
Australian Store: 
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_purple-velvet
USA (Zazzle): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/purple%20velvet
Europe/UK store: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/art-deco-woman-in-purple-velvet-I15613123

I thought that in my first entry here I should share some of my earlier graphic designs. All of the people in these art deco images were extracted from black and white photos from the early 20th century. These were painstakingly edited, repaired and recoloured and then merged with appropriate backgrounds and images.

AD Woman22-b SMArt Deco Woman in Green Hat
Australian Store: 
USA (Zazzle): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/purple%20velvet
Europe/UK store: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/art-deco-woman-with-pink-flowers-I15613121

Art Deco Woman2 Colour and edging SM

Art Deco Woman in White Hat
Australian Store: 
USA (CafePress): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_white_hats-caps
Europe/UK store: http://757631.spreadshirt.net/art-deco-woman2-colour-and-edging-I15623592

There are quite a few more of these gorgeous photos, which I may share in the future.

Miss Terry Woman Signature2

PS (You may be wondering where the name “Miss Terry Woman” comes from. It was a username I thought up many years ago, based on the term “Mystery Woman” and one I thought was an appropriate term for a graphic artist whose imaginings can sometimes be quite mysterious, and often very quirky.)