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Monthly Archive: August 2013

Mountain Angel

Sometimes the ideas and inspiration for new images can be difficult to find. Some weeks I get heaps of ideas, although they are not necessarily all translatable into the digital world, while at other times it’s like trying to get blood out of a stone. One of my greatest resources for inspiration lies in old paintings, and this week’s image is just that: 2 old paintings combined into one.

I obtained an uncopyrighted photo of an old painting of an angel. The painting itself must be very dirty because there were a significant number of scuffs and dirt-marks on it. In addition, the top third of the angel’s wings weren’t there. So I put in quite a few hours cleaning up the dirtiness of the image and adding in the tops of the angel’s wings. I also changed the eyes and the lips as I thought the young girl in the original image looked rather unhappy, even a little grumpy!

Then the second biggest challenge was trying to find a suitable image for a background. Searching through page after page of paintings of scenery, I eventually found a mountain top image I thought would suit. It too was dirty and even damaged and I tried very hard to repair it digitally.

The final result was the following image which I have now uploaded to all the stores:

Angel & Snow SM

Zazzle store (USA): http://www.zazzle.com.au/missterrywoman/mountain%20angel
afePress store (USA): http://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2/s_mountain-angel?design=81330557
Spreadshirt (Europe/UK): http://757631.spreadshirt.net/mountain-I15761009
Aussie Custom Gifts (Australia) – women’s shirts: http://www.aussiecustomgifts.com/missterrywoman/clothing_s05/women-clothing_s0501?start=1440

There are a variety of items in the different stores and here are a few samples:

Zazzle has an iPhone speaker:
Zazzle Mountain angel iphone speaker(http://www.zazzle.com.au/mountain_angel_iphone_speaker-166975010818380801)

There’s a Mountain Angel notebook at Zazzle as well:
Zazzle Mount angel notebookhttp://www.zazzle.com.au/mountain_angel_spiral_notebooks-130004813497550189

This lovely cushion is available from CafePress:
CafePress Mountain Angel Cushionhttp://www.cafepress.com/missterrywoman2.931593355

And here’s the image in a wallclock from CafePress:
CafePress Mountain Angel Clock

There are phone covers at Spreadshirt including this Galaxy S3 cover:
Spreadshirt Mountain Angel Galaxy S3

And not only are there clothes for grown-ups, there are baby items too:
Spreadshirt Mountain Angel Baby Shirt

And the Australian store, Aussie Custom Gifts has items such as this shopping bag:
ACG Mountain Angel Bag

And this lovely maternity shirt is also available at Aussie Custom Gifts:
ACG Mountain Angel Shirt

I’ll be looking for some more inspiration for my next image, and sharing them with you later. Catch you then!

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Some of the Latest Items

Up until this point in time, I have been focussing on my older images, but today thought I would share some of my latest ones with you.

I have been having a little fun with quilt (duvet) covers, blankets, pillowcases and towels. These are available in one of the USA shops and the Australian shop. You’ll find the links directly after each of the images.

Astronaut quilt & pillow

USA: Astronaut Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
        Astronaut Helmet pillowcase
        Astronaut Helmet rectangular canvas pillow
        Astronaut Beach Towel

Australia: Astronaut Mini Fleece Blanket
Astronaut Helmet throw pillowcase (square)
Astronaut hand-towel (full body & head)
Astronaut large doormat (full body & head)
Astronaut small doormat (full body & head)

How about an old-fashioned game of fisticuffs with this boxing quilt cover and pillowcase?
Boxer quilt & pillowcase

 USA: Boxing Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
Boxing pillowcase
Boxing rectangular canvas pillow
Boxing Beach Towel

Australia: Boxing Mini Fleece Blanket
Boxing Headgear Pillowcase (square)

If you’ve always loved a good western, how about this cowboy quilt/duvet cover and pillowcase?

Cowboy quilt & pillowcaseUSA: Cowboy Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
Cowboy Hat Pillowcase
Cowboy hat rectangular canvas cushion
Cowboy Beach Towel

Australia: Cowboy Mini Fleece Blanket
Cowboy Hat Cushion Case (square)

Perhaps you’re more into the groovy 60s – then check out this hippy quilt/duvet cover and hippy hair pillowcase:

Hippy quilt & pillowcaseUSA: Hippy Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
Hippy Hair Pillowcase
Hippy Hair Rectangular Canvas Pillow
Hippy Beach Towel

Australia: Hippy Mini Fleece Blanket
Hippy Hair Cushion Cover (square)

Or you might like to jump further back into the past with this Knight/King quilt cover and pillowcase:

Knight quilt & pillowcaseUSA: Knight/King Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
Knight/King Helmet Pillowcase
Knight/King Rectangular Canvas Pillow
Knight/King Beach Towel

Australia: Knight/King Mini Fleece Blanket
Knight/King Cushion Cover (square)
Knight/King Full Body & Head Mini Fleece Blanket

 Get into law enforcement with this Mounted Policeman quilt/duvet cover and pillowcase:Mountyquilt & pillowcase

 USA: Mounty Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
Mounty Hat Pillowcase
Mounty Hat Rectangular Canvas Pillow
Mounty Beach Towel

Australia: Mounty Mini Fleece Blanket
Mounty Cushion Case (square)

And here’s a bathing beauty from the past, on your very own quilt/duvet cover and pillowcase:

Swimmer quilt & pillowcase

 USA: Swimming Single/Twin Quilt/Duvet Cover
          Swimming Cap Pillowcase
          Swimming Cap Rectangular Canvas Pillow
          Swimming/Bather Beach Towel

Australia: Swimming/Bather Mini Fleece Blanket
Swimming Cap Cushion Case (square)

If you have any other ideas or suggestions for quilt/duvet covers, beach towels etc, I would love to hear from you.

Let’s catch up soon.

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